Letztes Update: May 16, 2022

Sex Education Week 2022

We are happy to invite you this year to the Sex-Education-Week 2022. On the occasion of the IDBAHOBIT on 17.5.22 we have prepared for you a mixture of interesting topics, discussions and workshops on sex and gender. The event will take place at the Humboldt House.
The talks are held in German, but English questions are very welcome.

Humboldt-Haus: 16.5 Monday Sexualized violence against people Rückhalt e.V. (Lecture+Discussion)
Aula at the Katho / Zoom: 17.5 Tuesday Transidentität – Definition, context and medical aspects Dr. Livia Prüll doctor, historian, consultant (discussion+lecture)
Humboldt-Haus: 18.5 Wednesday Fetishization of Origin GSP+ Women’s League (Lecture+Discussion)
Humboldt-Haus: 19.5 Thursday What is your pronoun Rollenfrei+Knutschfleck e.V. Workshop
Humboldt-Haus: 20.05 Friday Sex Positivity AIDS Hilfe Aachen (Lecture+Discussion)